Stanbroke awarded best steak in Southeast Queensland

By August 7, 2018 No Comments
Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk

Stanbroke has been named the best steak in Southeast Queensland by Courier Mail senior restaurant critic and “steak aficionado” Des Houghton.

In particular, it was Stanbroke’s 1200g Angus Tomahawk from the Darling Downs that took out the number one spot, which he enjoyed at the new Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Casino.

Houghton praised the cut as “Deeply satisfying” and said it “Knocks wagyu off its perch”.

“This is the steak a condemned man would happily eat as his last meal before he went to the gallows,” he said.

“It’s superb. It’s juicy, it’s flavoursome, it’s rich. It is the taste of Queensland.”

He also declared it a “better flavour than the Wagyu”, calling it a “triumph of Queensland cattle over genetically modified Japanese breeds”.

The Stanbroke 1200g Angus Tomahawk MB3+ is from pure Black Angus cattle from the Darling Downs that has been grain fed for 150 days.