Premium Australian beef for every table

Diamantina is Stanbroke’s most established and well-known brand. Our retail customers have been trusting its reliable quality for nearly twenty years.

Where tradition meets quality

At Diamantina, we’re dedicated to delivering the finest quality beef, perfected for retail service. Our family-owned business combines tradition with meticulous care to produce beef that meets the highest standards of taste and tenderness.

Diamantina Pure Wagyu Beef logo

Diamantina Pure Wagyu Beef

Pure Wagyu is the pinnacle of quality, combining exceptional Wagyu cattle, pristine pastures and a careful feeding program. Experience exquisite beef with a velvety texture, ultimate marbling, and magnificent flavour.

Diamantina Wagyu Beef logo

Diamantina Wagyu Beef

Sourced from the finest Wagyu cattle, Diamantina Wagyu is carefully raised on wholesome grain to produce a superior marbling, tenderness and flavour.

Diamantina Angus Beef

Angus Beef starts with the finest cattle. Dedication to quality creates beef with outstanding tenderness, premium marbling and rich flavour.

Diamantina Classic Beef logo

Diamantina Classic Beef

Diamantina Classic Beef delivers every time. A dedication to quality means delicious, tender beef with a guaranteed rich flavour.

Diamantina Grass Fed Beef logo

Diamantina Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is raised entirely in pristine natural pasture. The result is traditional beef with a distinct grass fed flavour.

Diamantina Organic Beef logo

Diamantina Organic Beef

Raised on certified organic natural pastures, Diamantina organic cattle are never treated with antibiotics or added hormones – ever. The result is natural beef with a distinct grass-fed flavour.

A cut above the rest

Whether it’s a quick weekday meal or a lavish celebration, Diamantina provides consistently superior beef that every cook and chef can trust. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that every bite of Diamantina beef is an experience worth savouring.

A global leader in beef

We’ve mastered every aspect of the beef production process, from pasture to plate, ensuring that only the finest cuts reach our customers worldwide.