Excellence in foodservice beef

Excellence in foodservice beef

Heritage Brands, a proud offering by Stanbroke, represents nearly two decades of dedicated craftsmanship in beef production. Our brands, exclusive to foodservice partners, deliver a diverse range of high-quality beef products, each tailored to meet specific culinary needs and preferences.

Global distribution, consistent quality

With a global reach through Stanbroke Foods and a capacity to export nearly 1000 metric tonnes per week, we ensure that our partners receive only the best, constantly high-quality beef.

Sanchoku Pure Wagyu

Pure Wagyu is the pinnacle of quality, combining exceptional Wagyu cattle, pristine pastures and a careful feeding program. Experience exquisite beef with a velvety texture, ultimate marbling, and magnificent flavour.

Sanchoku Wagyu

Sanchoku Wagyu blends the finest Wagyu cattle with superior Australian breeds, resulting in beef that melts in the mouth, characterised by superior tenderness and fabulous flavour.

Signature Black Angus

Our Signature Black Angus starts with selecting the finest cattle known for their meat quality. Raised on pristine pastures, this beef showcases outstanding tenderness and premium marbling, enriching any dish.

Augustus Grain Fed

Beginning life on vast grasslands, our Augustus Grain Fed beef is raised on natural pastures before finishing on a specially formulated grain diet, ensuring each cut is tender and richly flavoured.

Flinders Natural Grass Fed

Flinders Natural Grass Fed beef is sourced from cattle grazed on the world’s most pristine pastures, offering a traditional grass-fed flavour that’s both distinct and satisfying.

Tailored beef solutions for foodservice excellence

Our offerings include a variety of packaging options and specialised products, such as organic grass-fed bone broth and beef tallow, designed to enhance any culinary creation. Explore our range to find the perfect beef products for your menu, backed by our commitment to quality in every cut.

A global leader in beef

We’ve mastered every aspect of the beef production process, from pasture to plate, ensuring that only the finest cuts reach our customers worldwide.