Our showcase butcher

At Peter Augustus, we’re passionate about craft butchery. Named after our esteemed family patriarch and inspired by our pristine northern Australian cattle station, Augustus, our showcase butcher shop is a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and a rich legacy within the Australian pastoral community.

Presenting the finest beef

With two exclusive locations in Brisbane – New Farm and Camp Hill – Peter Augustus is dedicated to presenting the finest beef without the intention of expanding or competing with other local butchers. Every visit promises an encounter with superior customer service and expertly butchered meat, reflecting our passion for both the product and the people we serve.

Experience true quality

We believe that quality products stem from care at every stage of production. Our ownership of each stage – from the farms to finishing, grading and selection – guarantees great beef every time you visit.

Come visit us to experience true quality and discover the benefits of purchasing from a retailer that is as passionate about beef as you are.

A global leader in beef

We’ve mastered every aspect of the beef production process, from pasture to plate, ensuring that only the finest cuts reach our customers worldwide.