Stanbroke is a family owned Australian integrated beef and cattle company.

At Stanbroke our aim is to consistently provide the finest quality beef to our valued customers. We achieve this by owning and managing each step of the beef production process. By utilising the pristine environment of our cattle stations and combining this with our state of the art production facilities, we constantly deliver the highest quality, tender, flavoursome beef chefs demand.

We offer a full range of Grain and Grass-fed beef categories and export to over 35 countries globally.

Stanbroke Black Angus cattle

Over 1.2 million hectares of prime grazing country

Stanbroke owns 6 cattle stations in the gulf region in northern Queensland, Australia. This prime agricultural land is free of contaminants and void of interference from human intervention. The arrival of annual monsoons feed these vast tracts of fertile land, producing lush rich pastures of Flinders and Mitchell grasses, and it is here that our 200,000 head of cattle graze. This region is so well suited to our operations, some of our stations have been breeding cattle for more than 150 years.

Stanbroke beef's properties


Located 310km North West of Cloncurry
Phone: 07 4748 5505


Located 240km North of Cloncurry
Phone: 07 4745 3413


Located 35km drive from Cloncurry
Phone: 07 4742 1696


Located 180km North of Cloncurry
Phone: 07 4742 5977


Managed by Donors Hill property, located 140km Southwest of Normanton
Phone: 07 4745 3413


Managed by Glenore property. Located 100km South of Normanton on the Flinders River
Phone: 07 4745 3488


We feed our cattle only the highest quality grasses and grains

Stanbroke manages 46 properties in the renowned farming region of the Darling Downs, in southern Queensland, to background cattle destined for our grain-fed programs. Our operations also include a 30,000-head state-of-the-art feedlot and an adjoining property that produces high quality crops used in our rations. Our customised feeding programs are specifically designed to produce a rich flavour and to meet the precise marbling requirements of different customers. Stanbroke’s high standards of animal welfare are maintained by providing comfortable surroundings and only using horses and people to move our cattle throughout the facility. Our cattle are supervised by stockmen and women trained in animal welfare and monitored by a qualified veterinarian.


Stanbroke feedlot in southern Queensland

Welcome to
Stanbroke Beef,
a world-class facility

Stanbroke’s processing plant is located in the heart of the Lockyer Valley, an area of rich farmlands west of Brisbane. The facility sets world standards in equipment methods and technology to provide both traditional and value-added products, tailored to customer specifications. Our process has been designed by the internationally acclaimed expert in animal science, Temple Grandin, to eliminate distress to our cattle. Our operating procedures and systems meet the most stringent international food safety standards and we have attained the highest level of Halal accreditation.


Stanbroke processing facility

Stanbroke beef is exported to over
35 countries

Stanbroke’s sales teams have a global presence and reach, operating in regions including South-East Asia, China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, the United States and domestically in Australia. Our team’s strong relationships with key distributors, wholesalers, retailers and restaurants throughout these regions means our beef can be accessed in most key markets in the world.

That means you will find our globally recognised award-winning Australian beef at some of the best high-end retailers and restaurants around the globe.

Stanbroke global sales and operations
Stanbroke global sales and operations

Flexible solutions tailored to your needs

We believe in meeting each customer’s needs by always being flexible and reliable. Specific product, packing and shipping requirements can be met and we offer air, sea and land freight. All orders placed are shipped promptly and we can respond quickly to express-freight demands. All shipments are tracked so we can report the status of any cargo. We are accredited to sell to all global markets and have built up strong relationships with trusted local and global transport companies that share our commitment to meeting customers needs.

Custom products by Stanbroke

Marketing and business support tailored to your business.

We know the importance of being a unique, customer-focused company when it comes to creating an experience for your customers. Stanbroke can assist in creating bespoke private labels for retailers or restaurants, help with marketing collateral and tailor products to fit your market, staff and diners perfectly. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Stanbroke distribution partners
Stanbroke animal welfare

Meticulous standards in animal welfare

Stanbroke follows world-leading animal welfare practices, ensuring our cattle are always treated humanely and respectfully.

Across our vast and pristine stations cattle roam freely in their natural environment, feeding on natural grasses and interacting with their surrounds.

At our state of the art feedlot we employ best practices to handle our cattle to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This includes housing cattle comfortably and providing shelter from the weather and only using horses and people within the feedlot to move cattle.