TheStanbroke Story


Stanbroke operates 8 cattle stations in northern Queensland which combined encompass over 1.6 million hectares of prime grazing country. We also manage 46 properties in southern Queensland which are used to background cattle and prepare them for entry into the feedlot. Due to our properties being so vast, electronic tagging methods are used to continually monitor every animal throughout the supply process. Our beef comes from cattle raised on our own properties and also from approved suppliers. All cattle are carefully selected and continually monitored to ensure they meet our meticulous standards.



Located 35km drive from Cloncurry Phone: 07 4742 1696


Located 180km North of Cloncurry Phone: 07 4742 5977


Located 310km North West of Cloncurry Phone: 07 4748 5505


Located 90km North East of Normanton Phone: 07 4745 3447


Located 240km North of Cloncurry Phone: 07 4745 3413


Managed by Donors Hill property Located 140km Southwest of Normanton Phone: 07 4745 3413


120km South of Normanton on the Flinders River Phone: 07 4745 3488


Managed by Glenore property. Located 100km South of Normanton on the Flinders River Phone: 07 4745 3488
Our Feedlot


In our state-of-the-art feedlot, cattle receive a carefully prepared feed ration, grown locally in the darling downs. The rations are specifically designed to produce a rich flavour and to meet the precise marbling requirement of different customers.

At this crucial stage our cattle are treated gently, housed in comfort and sheltered from weather. Our careful handling includes using only horses and people within the feedlot to move the cattle around. This calm and relaxing atmosphere helps foster a tender eating experience.

To contact the feedlot directly call 07 4665 8226

Stanbroke Production Facility

Ourprocessing facility

Our processing plant, Establishment 203, sets world standards in equipment methods and technology. It has been designed and managed for flexibility so we can meet unique customer specifications.

Its location in the Lockyer Valley is ideal with its clean rural environment that’s only 90 minutes from Brisbane port and airport.

The process has been designed by Temple Grandin to eliminate distress to the animals. Each animal is checked by our own full-time vet for complete health and our beef is continually inspected to ensure the highest food safety is maintained .


We believe in meeting each customer’s needs by always being flexible and reliable. Specific product, packing and shipping requirements can be met and we offer air, sea and land freight. All orders placed are shipped promptly and we can respond quickly to express-freight demands. All shipments are tracked so we can report the status of any cargo.

We are accredited to sell to all global markets and have built up strong relationships with trusted local and global transport companies that share our commitment to meeting customers needs.